Do Waist Trainers Flatten Your Stomach

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In recent times, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the use of waist trainers. While waist training has been around for several years, it has been made more popular by celebrity endorsements with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba swearing by it. And now, it is gathering pace among women looking to flatten their stomachs and achieve better curves, and ultimately, the hourglass figure.

You are probably wondering whether or not a waist trainer will really help you flatten your stomach. Yes, it will. Wearing the waist shaper for some specified period or when you work out has been shown to help women to reduce waist sizes over time naturally. Dr. Jan Schroeder, a fitness professor at California State University explains that “if done correctly, waist training distributes the fats in your stomach tissues to give you that hourglass shape over time.”

Below are the benefits of waist training and the various ways it helps you flatten your stomach.

1. It helps you achieve that coveted hour-glass figure

This is the primary reason most women start using waist trainers. The hourglass shape is perhaps the most flattering shape a woman can ever have. A waist shaper will help you achieve it by clinching your waist, redistributing belly fat, and accentuating the hip and bust-line curves. The ultimate result is a flat belly. You can start seeing results within a week of waist training if you do it correctly.

2. Enhances workouts and weight control

This is especially the case if you decide to put on your waist shaper during your work out sessions. The waist clincher wraps tightly around your stomach making that part warmer. With increased physical activity, thermal activity and perspiration at your midsection increase drastically. This way, you will be burning more calories and belly fat.

Again, your shape-wear will help you achieve a stronger and tighter core. Its compression perfectly complements your core muscles during exercises, helping you to work them out harder. A stronger and tighter core means nicer curves, a flat stomach, and a smaller waist.

Also, it is important to note that when wearing a waist trainer, you tend to eat smaller portions of food. This too, in a way, helps you to control your weight and avoid pumping in more fat into your stomach tissues.

3. Improves your posture

Modern-day waist trainers have metal boning that makes it uncomfortable and difficult to slouch. This way, they not only improve your posture but also help you to reduce back pain. Besides, by improving your posture, your waist trainer helps in strengthening your back and core muscles.

4. Provides bust-line support

Besides accentuating your bust-line, waist training further contributes to achieving a good shape by offering support to the bust-line. This makes your stomach appear flat while making the bust-line more prominent.

5. Tightens postpartum waist

Naturally, after birth, a woman’s abdominal muscles are left enlarged, and the midsection may appear bulged out. Using waist trainers appears to help women achieve their natural abs and waist sizes again after giving birth. Some celebrities like Kim Kardashian have attested to this.

Leah Keller, a fitness expert, and CEO of The Dia Method explains that “a waist trainer acts like some splint to the rectus abdominis. While it will not heal separated abdominal walls on its own, it helps to support and boost the healing process. If worn correctly, it can help tighten the postpartum waist and flatten the stomach.”

6. Boosts your confidence

This is perhaps the most important benefit of using shape-wear. The reason any woman decides to waist train in the first place is to achieve a better body shape and look better. So when you begin seeing changes in your waistline, you feel more confident and get the inspiration and morale to work even harder to obtain better results.

Waist shapers have also been shown to alleviate menstrual cramps (for some women) since they exert pressure on the peritoneal organs, easing the sensations of uterine contractions. Also, they may reduce headaches by improving your body posture and supporting the back.

If you are looking for a waist-slimming solution that works quickly, a waist trainer is your best bet. Get yourself one, wear it regularly as required and you are sure to reduce your waistline and achieve that shape you have always wanted.

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