5 Reasons Why You Need Eyelash Extensions

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5 Reasons Why You Need Eyelash Extensions

3d Eyelash ExtensionsTreating your eyes right could make your face look prettier and beautiful, right? And having 3D eyelash extensions could make your eyes more impressing and adorable. This means 3D eyelash extensions are what you need to make the whole of your face look brighter and more beautiful. But before you think of surprising your eyes with the lash extensions, it is important to know something about them. In this article, I am going to answer some of the most common questions asked about 3D eyelash extensions and if you need them as part of your beauty regimen. 

What are 3D Eyelash Extensions

They are a type of the volume eyelash extensions which are as a result of two or more very fine lashes fanned and placed on the natural lash. Usually, 3D eyelash extensions are made of mink or silk and create a thicker fuller look as compared to the rest. 

How Long do 3D Eyelash Extensions Last? 

The 3D eyelash extensions are designed to last up to three months when they are given the necessary attention. There is no special care need for the 3D lashes; you can shower, swim and do everything normally without minding them. In fact, a big percentage of people who fix eyelash extensions forget they have something embedded on their eyes. 

How Long does it Take to Fix the Eyelash Extensions

Fixing 3D eyelash extensions can take up to two hours, depending on how skilled the technician is. For the best results, consider looking for a skilled lash technician to do the job. 

Do you Need the 3D Eyelash Extensions as Part of Your Beauty Regimen?

Yes, you definitely need the 3D eyelash extensions on your eye lids, not only on your wedding day but also in every other day. Here is why you need the 3D eyelash extensions as part of your beauty regimen. 

Reasons Why You need eyelash Extensions 

1. Perfect Look 

The first reason why you need eyelash extensions is because of that perfect look they give you. Eyelash extensions will improve the appearance of your eyes, making them look brighter, sexy and more beautiful. I am sure you have seen how celebrities and even some of your mates look with the 3D eyelash extensions, this is the look I am talking about.

2. Saves much of your time 

With the 3D eyelash extensions, you can sleep a little bit longer since you don’t need to do any makeup on the lashes. Also, you will not bother rubbing off eye makeup that you could have applied once the day is done. Eyelash extensions save much of your time? 

3. Completely Comfortable and Safe

You might be cautious on what will happen to your eyes when you are done fixing the eyelash extensions. Nothing negative will happen to the eyes, not even when you cry or shower. The 3D eyelash extensions have been designed with a natural look and feel which it makes comfortable for you to do everything that you used to do before. 

4. Cheap to Maintain 

Let me say that the 3D eyelash extensions are the cheapest extensions to maintain that I have ever seen; not even the nail extensions can beat them. This means it is also cheap to maintain that perfect look they give you. Touching-up the lashes every 2-3 weeks is the only thing required to maintain that perfect look. Definitely, this is cheap and time-saving. 

5. Saves your Money 

We have seen how cheap it is to maintain the eyelash extensions. So, will agree with me when I tell you that they do not only save your time but also your money. Nothing more is needed on the lashes once they are fixed, they look awesome on their own. For that reason, you save the money that you would have spent on mascara tubes and the others.

We have discussed the reasons why you need to include the 3D eyelash extensions as part of your beauty regimen. However, it is important to know there is a major drawback of eyelash extensions and perhaps you should consider it before doing the fixing. 

3D eyelash extensions are very addictive and obsessive. The moment you fix them on your eyes, you will not let go that awesome look. Once you remove the lashes, you will notice that something crucial missing on your face and you will start to see as if your eyes are ugly. 

Final Verdict 

Now stop envying the eyes of celebrities and models while you have every reason to get the 3D eyelash extensions. Treat your eyes and face right with the eyelash extensions.

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